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PodcastCon UK was yesterday

I had a great time yesterday at PodcastCon UK. Everyone was really nice and it was so good to hear what people are doing with podcasting, how they're doing it, and what their approach is. It was fabulous to meet everyone at last, and share a few beers and a nice Chinese meal. It was a shame that Chris Kimber of the BBC only got to field one question, which meant that the Indie Podcasters were forced to save up any anti-establishment venom for James Cridland of Virgin Radio when he delivered his speech. There are two sides (at least) to every story, and it may be a bit naive of either side to believe that it really understands podcasting and the others just don't 'get it'. Even this episdode, however, played itself out in a well natured manner, James handled it well and even came to the pub with the Indies. I can't say enough times how nice all the people were, and it was wonderful to meet most of UK podcasting's minor celebrities. The day was a great success, and ran very smoothly, which is a trubute to how very well it was organised by Adrian, Alex, Neil and Paul.


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