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Last day, first day

Well, today was my first day working at my new job. I was apprehensive of course, due to my nervousness at changing jobs. I spent 3 fabulous years at my old firm, and learned so much, and really became integral - part of the furniture. I am very sad to leave behind so many wonderful colleagues, who were (mostly) lovely people and very kind to me. If you, reader, are among that number then you'll know I would love you to remain in touch. I had a small but wonderful leaving meal on Thursday, and though it was a shame that not all of the people that wanted to come were able to, I'm sure we'll meet, and eat, again.
Thursday seems like a very long time ago, so back to today. Despite my aforementioned apprehension it was a very good day and I'm really excited about the new challenges that lie ahead of me. My new colleagues all seem to be very nice and welcoming. How I wish I could memorise all their names on the first day, but of course that is impossible. I'm sure I remember being just as bewildered by the vast array of new faces 3 years ago, and indeed 6 years ago when I started at the previous firm, so I'm sure I'll get to know all my new colleagues just as well.
Similar is the feeling of frustration I have that there is so much knowledge I have yet to learn before I can perform to my full potential in my new job. Again I can cast my mind back to 3 years ago, when there seemed to be so much going on at my firm that I couldn't begin to comprehend, but in the end I suppose I managed to learn a lot of what there was to know and more than I needed to know. Here's hoping that history will repeat itself. I'm very hopeful that it will, and that I will prove to surpass the expectations that my new employers have of me. Likewise, I am full of hope that I'm going to love my new job just as much as I did my last one.


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