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Nipper News

Let me tell you about my new podcast: NipperNews! It's the UK news show for Mums and Dads all about babies and children, and how to raise them. Presented by Jana and Simon. Expecting a baby? Interested in parenting news? You can find out all about the show at

The Philadelphia Enquirer: Podcast options aplenty for poetry

Here is Katie's excellent article on poetry podcasting, written with help from several members of the APP . In the spirit of full disclosure, I publish her questions to me and my answers here: Q: When did you start the APP and why? How many members does the APP have? A: It started out in August 2005 when I suggested to Will Brown that we might start a Poetry Podcasting banner exchange, to allow some cross-promotion between podcasting sites with an interest in poetry. This exchange quickly grew, and an organic community grew around it where we discussed poetry podcasting issues via email. In June 2006 it dawned on us that the Poetry Podcasting community needed to have a focal point for any parties interested in the subject, for instance, an authoritative voice to speak to journalists, a place for poetry podcasters (both established and new) to get together, and a place for listeners and poets to find relevant podcasts. We launched the APP on July 1st 2006, with 10 founding members.

Selecting Full on this computer may result in degraded video playback

When I attempt to import Full 1920x1080 video into iMovie '08 on my MacBook, it tells me "Selecting Full on this computer may result in degraded video playback". It doesn't tell me, however, what I can do about it. Is it the CPU? The graphics card? RAM? The slower Firewire 400? Is there a list of Mac models that can support full 1080 resolution? Do I need to switch to Final Cut? There is a discussion on the Apple Support forums, but no answer yet...

Runnymede campus sold off for new homes!

I just found out about this while noodling around on facebook . For those interested, Brunel University has agreed to sell Runnymede to 'Oracle Homes Runnymede Ltd' for £46.5 million: It seems that Oracle Homes is part of this company - This saddens me. Is it too much to hope that 'the covenant by which the Cheylesmore family donated/sold the campus to London County Council before the war meant that it always had to be used for educational use', may be able to save Runnymede from a horrible 'new homes' future use? Anything we can do to stop them ruining the stunning buildings and grounds? A petition?

ET Run 20070523

Today I actually went on the Ellyptical Trainer again after such a long time. Taking it a bit easy to start with: 30 minutes, 262 calories, 2.06 miles. Also it was very nice to be featured on PodFinderUK episode 12. Thanks to Josephine and Co. The movie file can be found here .


Had a nice chat with Andy this evening on Video Skype. Almost did an audio-chat with Paul earlier, too. Interruptions, of course, while I was trying to record a Slam Idol show, but very welcome. I really miss those guys. Hope we can record a 3-way podcast some time soon.

Webmaster? I'm Spiderman!

Your results: You are Spider-Man Spider-Man 70% Green Lantern 65% Iron Man 60% Superman 50% Robin 45% Hulk 45% Supergirl 43% Catwoman 35% The Flash 35% Batman 30% Wonder Woman 18% You are intelligent, witty, a bit geeky and have great power and responsibility. Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...