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Hey, this could be just what what Madge Weinstein and I are looking for. Now they just need to make it plug into the rating system on the iPod and iTunes and it will be perfect!


Kosso make a very good point here . Surely podcasters couldn't be that short sighted? The site is completely oriented to pre-selling the Expo. At least provided a forum for PodcastCon UK, before and after.

Yesterday evening I went to see Stephen Fry

Yesterday evening I went to see Stephen Fry talking about his new book, 'The Ode Less Travelled' at the Institute of Education (sponsored by Blackwell's) in London. It was a marvellous evening, and at the end he was nice enough to sign books for the huge queue of fans. I was near the back of the queue, so I had to wait for ages, but when I introduced myself he remembered me and jumped up to shake my hand, which was a nice boost to my ego, as I'm sure you'd imagine. He also congratulated me on the podcast and told me he has subscribed. Wowee! I thanked him for being such an inspiration, and left on a bit of a cloud. (I include a link to someone else's photograph of the signing.)

Last day, first day

Well, today was my first day working at my new job. I was apprehensive of course, due to my nervousness at changing jobs. I spent 3 fabulous years at my old firm, and learned so much, and really became integral - part of the furniture. I am very sad to leave behind so many wonderful colleagues, who were (mostly) lovely people and very kind to me. If you, reader, are among that number then you'll know I would love you to remain in touch. I had a small but wonderful leaving meal on Thursday, and though it was a shame that not all of the people that wanted to come were able to, I'm sure we'll meet, and eat, again. Thursday seems like a very long time ago, so back to today. Despite my aforementioned apprehension it was a very good day and I'm really excited about the new challenges that lie ahead of me. My new colleagues all seem to be very nice and welcoming. How I wish I could memorise all their names on the first day, but of course that is impossible. I'm sure I reme

PodcastCon UK was yesterday

I had a great time yesterday at PodcastCon UK . Everyone was really nice and it was so good to hear what people are doing with podcasting, how they're doing it, and what their approach is. It was fabulous to meet everyone at last, and share a few beers and a nice Chinese meal. It was a shame that Chris Kimber of the BBC only got to field one question, which meant that the Indie Podcasters were forced to save up any anti-establishment venom for James Cridland of Virgin Radio when he delivered his speech. There are two sides (at least) to every story, and it may be a bit naive of either side to believe that it really understands podcasting and the others just don't 'get it'. Even this episdode, however, played itself out in a well natured manner, James handled it well and even came to the pub with the Indies. I can't say enough times how nice all the people were, and it was wonderful to meet most of UK podcasting's minor celebrities. The day was a great success,